Sloth Story

Hi there! My name is Nic and I do live a vegan lifestyle in Berlin. Of course, being vegan in Berlin or other big cities is really easy. There are vegan options around every corner. And most supermarkets and discounters offer vegan products. But I do prefer to prepare my own meals over take away food.

I simply like to know and choose the ingredients myself. When I started looking at vegan recipes I was amazed by the variety and creativity of many vegan food blogs. But I also found that most recipes had way too many ingredients. Many of them I hadn’t even heard of, let alone had an idea what they were.

And I often felt overwhelmed and hesitant to actually get them. When I go to the kitchen I’m usually already so hungry that I don’t have the patience to spend much time to prepare my meal. I am the vegan sloth after all. 

So I started experimenting with food in the kitchen. And found ways and recipes that stick to as little ingredients as possible with as little preparation or cooking time as necessary. With this blog, I would like to encourage everyone to eat healthy, conscious and well without spending much time in the kitchen. And since I do understand that time is precious to all of us, most of my recipes are done within 30 minutes or less and very easy to prepare.

Why I chose to embrace a vegan lifestyle

I’ve been living a vegetarian lifestyle pretty much all my life. Well, it all began with an article in a magazine when I was 15 years of age. My family wasn’t too impressed. Traditionally, meat belonged on the plate at least once a day. It was a long process to finally abstain from meat. When I moved out to Berlin with 19 I stopped eating any meat. 

Of course, all those years, deep inside I knew about the cruelty that went on in the milk industry. But I chose not to see and hung onto the comfort of closing my eyes. I didn’t want to live without ice cream, chocolate and cheese. I believed I couldn’t.

When I started a new job I found my desk right next to a shelf full of chocolate. My new colleagues were sweet addicts. The deal was that everyone could eat everything that was on the shelf but had to replace it once it’s finished. So I found myself finishing a whole chocolate bar a day. Every day. It turned out that I was the addict with no sense of control. I saw myself growing over the time and desperately needed a solution.

Two weeks in that new job I came across a Facebook post. People were being filmed while watching a video about the animal cruelty happening every second in the milk industry all over the world. It shook me. It made my heart stop. I couldn’t bear what I saw and those pictures accompany me ever since. It is heartbreaking. And I knew: No chocolate nor cheese will taste the same anymore. That was the beginning of my journey. A journey with a few drawbacks. At first, I focused on changing my diet and had to learn about the not so obvious non-vegan products. Clothes and cosmetics followed shortly. 

Changing to a vegan lifestyle is challenging but absolutely worth it

Once you start a vegan lifestyle, it is a lot to take in. There are so many things to discover. But it is absolutely worth it. I feel much better in my body. I feel healthy and strong. Of course, you can easily be very unhealthy if you choose mainly processed foods from the supermarket. But I believe that once you look into all the health benefits that come with changing your diet, you will focus on healthier options. And once you look even deeper into this industry of farmed animals you’ll realise as well what massive impact it has on our environment. So by changing to a vegan lifestyle, you do even good for our planet. And that’s an awful lot of very good reasons in my eyes don’t you agree? 

Seeds of thoughts in the saloon

In the saloon I am sharing some seeds of thought about a plant-based diet, veganism and all the mentioned very good reasons there are to change and stick to a vegan lifestyle with style 🙂