Vegan Chocolate Crossies – Like A Summer Kiss

I came up with this simple and quick little vegan chocolate crossies recipe when I was craving something sweet but didn’t have anything left in the house. Nor did I want to leave the house. So I looked at the ingredients I could find in the fridge and cupboard and was thrilled about the result.

Due to the coconut oil, I use for the dark chocolate, the vegan chocolate crossies taste just like a summer kiss – especially when they are stored in the freezer. Give it a try. Seriously. I’m usually not a big fan of coconut flavour in chocolate or ice cream myself. Even greater was my surprise about this very pleasant taste – which perhaps has a lot to do with summer.

vegan chocolate crossies

But in case you really don’t want to give it a try with the full coconut flavour you can also get coconut oil in a milder version. That way you won’t get the coconut taste but can still enjoy these little beauties.

And if you prefer to completely skip the coconut oil idea you can always just use dark vegan chocolate, melt it and mix it together with the almonds and cornflakes. The advantage of the latter is that you won’t necessarily have to store them in the freezer or fridge. But ice cold chocolate is definitely something – especially in summer.

So all you need to do is mix the oil with the cacao powder and the sweetener of your choice and stir it into a smooth chocolate cream. The coconut oil shouldn’t be hard, nor should it be completely melted. You want it to be soft so it’s easy to combine it with the rest of the ingredients.

Then add the almonds and cornflakes and stir everything together. Now you can build little piles of the vegan chocolate crossies in a box, which you then place in the freezer.

A few minutes later you can already indulge in those delicious little bites.

Bon Appetit!

vegan chocolate crossies

Vegan Chocolate Crossies Recipe


  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp agave syrup or coconut flower syrup
  • 1 handful slivered almonds
  • 1 handful (spelt) cornflakes


  1. Mix the soft (not liquid) coconut oil with the cocoa powder

  2. Add agave or coconut flower syrup and stir until it is a smooth creme

  3. Add the almonds and cornflakes and mix it all together with a spoon

  4. Take the spoon and create little piles in a container of your choice

  5. Cover the container or tray and place it in the freezer to sit for at least 10 minutes

Recipe Notes

If you don't like the taste of coconut so much you can either use coconut oil with a milder flavour or you melt vegan dark chocolate, mix it with the almonds and cornflakes and place it in the fridge to sit.


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